Hera. 20. NYC born, raised, and living. Baseball Player. Guitarist. College Student. CrossFit. Soccer Goalkeeper. Lucky #2. Vegetarian. Work Out. Hot Yoga. Yankees and USWNT fan.
Always work hard, always give your best, always treat people right.
Throwback to Florida 2 years ago with David the who repairs gloves and Kelly Shoppach’s glove #baseball #florida #2012 #tb #me

for some reason i can’t stop watching this, maybe its because i keep thinking about how this keeper now has the best come-back line,
"well I got kneed in the face by Alex Morgan!"
Haven’t been here in almost 10 years! Cool city :)

Alex Morgan - Pressure Makes Us

NYC Skyline by (nkrylov)

Baeee 💋 beentriiiill