Hera. 20. NYC born, raised, and living. Baseball Player. Guitarist. College Student. CrossFit. Soccer Goalkeeper. Lucky #2. Vegetarian. Work Out. Hot Yoga. Yankees and USWNT fan.
Always work hard, always give your best, always treat people right.


#MissionAbs AKA #TeamNoAbs #Yet ;)

Jackie Peres in Hawaii by Barbell Shrugged

When baseball pants make your ass and legs look good»»» ;)


people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

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mom: what was that?
me: my shirt fell
mom: it sounded a lot heavier than that...
me: i was in it

I think when you stop giving a fuck about what other think about you and/or how they view you, you are truly set free. Yes, you are allowed to emotionally react to other peoples words and actions towards you. No, you are not obligated to take their feelings towards you upon yourself. Wear what you want, feel comfortable, feel beautiful, feel sexy, work hard, love hard, commit to thins and people in your life, and be nice to other people. In my opinion, that is true freedom. Become free, stop giving a fuck.


Can I have this or